Ultra Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone



Ultra Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone

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The Mini Maxi Carpet anemones,  Stichodactyla Tapetum, are easy to keep, easy to propagate, and come in a wide variety of colors.  Its small size and easy care make these anemones perfect for the novice aquarist and nano aquarium enthusiasts.  Unlike its larger cousins, Stichodactyla haddoni and Stichodactyla gigantea, the Mini Carpet Anemone isn't known to act as a host to clownfish species. Anemone crabs and anemone shrimp seem to enjoy them, having often been observed on and around them in the wild.  

The mini Maxi carpet anemone require a tank with strong lighting and good water movement.  The aquarium should have a variety of sandy and rocky locations for the anemone.  These anemones can move about the aquarium when first introduced.  Once settled into a preferred location they tend to stay put. They tend to stay small and don't usually get over about 5" in size. These anemones are very sticky to the touch and when they grab something it is sometimes hard to convince it to let go without damaging the anemone.  

Like most anemones their sting can cause a sever reaction in humans, so please wear gloves when handling them.

Scientific name:Stichodactyla Tapetum

Feeding: Can be feed weekly or even daily.  Ideal foods are small chunks of fresh fish, uncooked shrimp, Brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, and other meaty marine foods

Samples are pictured. Due to color and size variations within species, your item may not look identical to the images provided.


A Little About The Pictures

Our pictures are taken under the Zetlight Zp3600 LED light. We try to post two pictures of each coral to give you a better idea to how it may look in your tank.  We take one picture with all the LEDS at full power and one picture with just the blue's and violet LEDS at full power.


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Ultra Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone

Ultra Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone

Ultra Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone

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