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Ocean Revive Arcric T247-B LED Aquarium Light | SaltCritters
Ocean Revive Arcric T247-B LED Aquarium Light | SaltCritters
Ocean Revive Arcric T247-B LED Aquarium Light | SaltCritters
Ocean Revive Arcric T247-B LED Aquarium Light | SaltCritters
Ocean Revive Arcric T247-B LED Aquarium Light | SaltCritters
Ocean Revive Arcric T247-B LED Aquarium Light | SaltCritters

Ocean Revive

Ocean Revive Arctic T247 Full Spectrum Dimmable Reef Light


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  • OceanRevive Arctic-T247 Aquarium LED unit is ideal for both fresh and marine aquatic applications, aquatic ecosystems and marine organisms, specialized for SPS/LPS/Soft corals and reef fish.
  • Built-in controller controls TWO channels independently (blue and full spectrum channels) for both Time and Intensity.
  • OceanRevive Arctic-T247 and the support services earned numerous positive reviews and reputation on the popular reefing forums Reef2Reef, ReefCentral, Nano-Reef, and our Addictive Reef Keeping US Based Support is unparalleled.
  • Special Full Spectrum layout was developed by fellow reefers of both the US and International reefing community: Royal Blue 450nm, Blue 470nm, Cool White 10000K, 12000K, Red 520nm, Green 660nm and UV 420nm, creating the natural reefing light to reflect vivid color from the corals and fish. 90 degree optics help light to penetrate to the required depth of water.
  • It comes with both supporting brackets and hanging kits to fit any type of fish tank. Specifically designed to expand the coverage on depth and width.


Technical Specifications:

√ Power Consumption: 120W Max
√ LED Type: 48pcs 3W High Power LEDs
√ Coverage Area: 1. Core coverage for any high lighting required SPS tank 26"x18" and 2. Regular coverage 32”x24” for mixed reef tank @ 12" above water
√ Channel One: 8x 470nm, 16x 450nm
√ Channel Tow: 6x 420nm, 2x 520nm, 2x 660nm, 6x 10000K, 8x12000K
√ Input Current: AC85-264V
√ Operating Temperature: 90℉-110℉ (32.2℃-43.3℃)
√ Thermal Management: 2x 80mm dual bearing cooling fans
√ Product Dimensions: 16" x 10.4" x 1.6" (40cm x 26cm x 4cm)
√ Product Weight: 5Lbs(2.27Kgs)
√ Controlled by: Built-in-Digital Timer
√ Mount: Horizontal-Retractable Brackets & Hanging Kits

Package Includes:

√ 1 x Arctic-T247-B 
√ 1 x Remote Controller with Battery
√ 1 x Power Cord
√ 1 x User's Manual
√ 2 x Adjustable Hanging Kits
√ 4 x Brackets


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A Little About Our Livestock Pictures

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