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Dwarf Seahorse | SaltCritters
Dwarf Seahorse | SaltCritters
Dwarf Seahorse | SaltCritters
Dwarf Seahorse | SaltCritters
Dwarf Seahorse | SaltCritters
Dwarf Seahorse | SaltCritters

Dwarf Seahorse


Be sure to pick up some Brine Shrimp Eggs!

Dwarf Seahorses are not an item for beginner aquarist.

These little Seahorses require Live food daily and a very clean tank to survive.


Be sure to check out our "How to set up a Dwarf Seahorse Tank" Video


Dwarf seahorses are a joy to watch. We watch these little guys more than anything else around here.

They require a small, species only aquarium. Please do not put these in your reef tank! A 1 to 5 gallon aquarium is best, the smaller aquarium size helps concentrate the food. The aquarium should have an air tube or sponge filter for water movement (no powerheads, they will suck up the horses!) and a heater. Sponge filters are great for some biological filtration. Walmart has some great neat cheap small tanks that work great for them. They don't need anything fancy.

Dwarf seahorses require a continuous diet of freshly hatched baby brine shrimp. We feed ours daily. They can be housed with Dwarf pipefish, snails and that's about it. Anything else will generally out compete them for food. They like to grasp macroalgae and other items with their tail. Live rock and live sand may contain stinging animals that can be aggressive towards them. We recommend using fake plants and keeping the bottom bare. We use coffee straws and gutter guard glued to frag tiles for them to hold on to. A small water change is needed every few days to help keep the water clean. If you would like a more natural looking tank you can use rock, sand and live macroalgae's. If you got the natural tank look be sure to use dry dead rock and sand since live rock and sand can introduce stinging hydroids.

Water quality must be kept pristine. Ammonia will kill the dwarf seahorses faster than anything. Ammonia will raise rapidly in the small tank so frequent water changes are a MUST.

Dwarf seahorses will breed in the aquarium. The mating ritual is fascinating to observe and they usually mate often. The male will show off for its mate and blow up its pouch, shake and dance, and change different colors. When the eggs are ripe, the female will deposit her eggs inside the male pouch as they travel up the water column together. In about 10-14 days, the male will give birth to an average of 10-30 fry, which are independent from birth and will eat baby brine shrimp. The babies are well developed and use their prehensile tails almost immediately, growing very fast when provided with plenty of newly hatched brine shrimp each day, and will double in size in just 17 days, and after 3 months, will be ready to mate.

Size: Dwarf seahorses are small and only grow to about 1 1/2"

Scientific Name: Hippocampus Zosterae

Color: Dwarf Seahorses are most often white in color but can range from tan, brown, black, yellow and green. Colors are not fixed and may change based on surroundings, diet, stress, mood and other factors.

Feeding and diet: Dwarf Seahorses will only eat Live foods. They need a constant supply of live food. Baby brine shrimp are easy to hatch and supply to them. Feed enough daily so there's still some baby brine shrimp in the tank at the next feeding.

Tank parameters:

Temperature 72-76F

PH: 8-8.3

Ammonia and Nitrite: ZERO - Seahorses are extremely sensitive to ammonia.

Salinity: 1.020-1.025

Nitrate: < 30

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