The Perfect Seahorse for your Desk

The Perfect Seahorse for your Desk

Dwarf Seahorses

The perfect Seahorse for your desk

Dwarf seahorses are a joy to watch. We watch these little guys more than anything else around here.
They only require a small simple 1-5 gallon, species only, aquarium. This makes them perfect for a desktop. No need for a fancy aquarium, all they need is an air stone and a heater to be happy. The best setups use a bare bottom and fake plants. These are the easiest to clean and the safest since Live rock and sand can contain hydroids. Hydroids can and will kill the seahorses. Walmart actually has a few nice small tanks that work great for these little guys and best of all they are cheap.
Dwarf seahorses do require a continuous diet of freshly hatched baby brine shrimp. They should be fed daily with enough baby brine shrimp to last them until the next feeding. 
Once happy they, more than likely, will breed for you. The mating ritual is fascinating to watch. The male will show off for its mate by blowing up his pouch, shaking, dancing, and sometimes changing colors. When the females eggs are ripe she will lock onto the mail and deposit them into the males pouch as they travel up the water column together. In about 10-14 days the male will give birth to an average of 10-30 fry. The fry are independent at birth and will eat the baby brine shrimp, and can stay in the same tank as the adult dwarf seahorses as well. The fry grow very fast and will be ready to mate in about 3 months.
These little guys are small with the full grown adults only reaching around 1 1/2".

Are you ready to have some Dwarf Seahorses on your desk?

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