Real Coral at Real Prices

Real Coral at Real Prices - SaltCritters

Where to buy real coral? Right here: real coral at real prices!

Yep you heard us! Real Coral.. We have Real pictures.  No photoshopped fake saturated pictures here like we are seeing more and more on other sites.  We even post two pictures of every coral.  One picture is under 14K leds and the other is under Royal blue Leds.  We do this so you can get an idea of what the coral is going to look like in your tank.  Granted the coral is going to look slightly different in every tank, on every screen, and under different lights, but at least you get a good idea of the color.  Our corals look almost identical in our picture tank as they do in our pictures.  No funny business in the picture department. 

An Example of a coral under the 14K leds


The same coral under Royal Blue Leds


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