Acclimate Your Salt Critters Purchase

You just ordered some awesome coral frags from  You're all excited and waiting for the Fedex driver to deliver your goodies.  Finally Fedex shows up!  Awesome!  Let's get these new corals in the tank!

Wooo slow down buddy!  You need to acclimate your new anemones and coral frags to your tank so you don't shock them. This is a very important step.

The first thing you'll probably be inclined to do is drip acclimate them. Well don't!  We don't recommend drip acclimating coral or anemones. Why, you ask? Well the corals have been in the bag for around 24 hours, bouncing around in a Fedex truck.  By this time the water in the bag is getting dirty, and possibly toxic.  The corals are possibly starting to stress from the trip.  Leaving them in this dirty toxic water to drip acclimate is the last thing you want to do and is only going to stress them out even more.  Think of it this way.  You're in a house fire and the air is filled with toxic smoke. You aren't going to want to be acclimated to the clean air, are you? You're going to want out into clean air ASAP.  That's what we thought.  Same with the corals.  They want clean water. 

So here is how you should go about acclimating your corals and anemones.

Step 1: Place the sealed bags in your aquarium for 30 min. This step allows the water in the shipping bags to adjust slowly to the temperature in your aquarium. Be careful as the bags may sink.

Step 2: Open the shipping bags and carefully empty the coral into a bucket.  

Step 3:  Discard the shipping water and carefully place the new corals into your tank.  Don't put the shipping water in your tank, it's dirty and possibly toxic.

Step 4:  Enjoy your coral's and tell your friends about

This is also the same way we acclimate our seahorses.

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