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  • Merchandise & T-Shirts

    Get your reefing T-Shits and decals here.  Show all your friends your love for reef keeping.

  • LED Aquarium Lighting

    LED lights are light sources quickly gaining popularity for aquarium use.  They produce lots of bright light while using low energy, which makes for the ultimate way to illuminate both fresh and saltwater marine aquariums.  Most LED fixtures allow you to dial in the exact color and intensity you would like, unlike T5 and Halide lights.  LED's don't need bulb replacements every 6 months as they will generally last for years.  They are smart, energy-efficient, output more light, and end up saving you money in the long run.  You’re going to be glad you entered the world of LED.

  • Live Rock and Sand

    We offer live rubble rock and live sand from our system.  These are great for seeding your tank with beneficial bacteria and critters.  The live rubble rock is also great for gluing coral frag to. We also carry larger live and dry rock thats great for aquascaping.

  • Used Items

    Get a great deal on some gently used items.

  • Hermit crab Shells

    Hermit crabs grow but their shells don't.  So you need to provide them with different size shells so they can switch shells as they grow.

  • Fragging/Propagation...

    We offer many types of coral frag mounts and glue for your coral fragging and coral propagation needs.

  • Seahorse Feeders and Food

    Have a hungry fish or seahorse?  We are the creators of the Seahorse feeding station.  The Seahorse feeder is a great way to target feed your seahorses while minimizing competition from tank mates.

  • Ice Packs

    Ice packs are sometimes needed for shipping livestock and maintaining a healthy aquarium water temperature. Make your own custom ice packs with this ice pack gel. Simply mix powder with one gallon of hot water and let it sit for 30 minutes, then pour the mixture into the containers of your choice, and freeze!

  • Algae Control

    Have an algae problem?  These products will help control unwanted algae in your saltwater reef aquarium.

  • MacroAlgae

    Macroalgae is a fantastic way to eliminate nitrates easily and naturally.   Due to the reduced nitrates available, nuisance algae is starved out and will naturally be reduced.  Macro Algae can be housed inside or outside of the display tank.  Algae like chaeto or grape caulerpa are best kept in a separate system which has its own light source.  These type of plants can be very invasive quickly and can smother slower growing corals if removal is not part f your weekly maintenance plan.

  • Snails
  • Coral Food
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Showing 1 - 20 of 225 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 225 items